ATV Safety Training            Fee: $350
Where:  Hanna Airport
When:   TBA
Time:     8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Instructor: Irwin’s Industrial Safety
Payment Deadline:  One week prior to course start date

Take the class just for a day of fun and make sure all other outings will be fun and SAFE. Taking responsibility for the safety of workers is the duty of both the employer and employee. The provision of proper safety training demonstrates due diligence on the part of the company in the promotion of corporate safety. Many workers operating ATVs are operating alone in remote areas. This course provides them with tools and knowledge necessary to stay safe and complete their duties. This program can have a direct impact on reducing operating costs, employee time-loss, and property damage claims.

Topics Include:

  • Safe riding practice, strategies and risk awareness
  • Personal protective equipment and knowing your ATV
  • Operating on hills and changing terrain
  • Transporting materials, winching and ATV attachments
  • Transporting your vehicle
  • Environmental considerations and issues

To register call 403.854.2099.

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