Elder Abuse Coordinated Community Response

Elder abuse can take a variety of forms including financial, emotional, medication, physical, sexual, and neglect; and often more than one form of abuse takes place at the same time. Research and best practices with respect to family violence, and specifically elder abuse, indicate that service providers who work together in coordinated ways are best positioned to meet the complex needs of elder abuse victims.

A coordinated community response model involves a group of organizations and/or service providers working together to achieve common goals related to addressing elder abuse. To develop a coordinated community response model for Hanna and area, Hanna Learning Centre will collaborate with other organizations and service providers including Town of Hanna, Hanna Family and Community Support Services, Starland County Family and Community Support Services, Hanna Lodge, Primary Care Network, Big Country Housing Authority and Project REACH (Mental Health Capacity Building Initiative).

With a response model in place and improved coordination among service providers, capacity within our region will be enhanced to prevent and respond to elder abuse.

For more information contact Tanis at 403.854.2099 Ext. 229 or email tanis.kempe@hannalearning.com