Where: Hanna Learning Centre Upstairs Meeting Room
When:  Thursday, November 1
Time:   10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Cost:    No Charge
Instructor:     Erica Laycock, Chronic Condition Client Health Educator, Alberta Healthy Living Program, Central Zone

Physical activity is any activity that’s part of your daily life. It can include simple things like cleaning, shovelling snow, taking the stairs and carrying groceries. Including more physical activity in your day can help you maintain a healthy weight and better manage chronic conditions. In this workshop you will learn about physical activity and how to include it in your day.
Topics include:

  • Benefits and barriers to getting active
  • Tips on how to increase your physical activity
  • How to set personal activity goals
There is NO CHARGE to attend. Call 1.877.314.6997 (toll free) to register.

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