Where: Hanna Learning Centre Upstairs Boardroom
When:  Tuesday, February 13
Time:    7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Retail Value:   $250
Cost:    $80
Instructor:   Chelsey Graham Photography

What to Bring: Yourself and a smile! And of course, a DSLR camera!
(A prime lens, such as a 50mm is an excellent investment and is suggested as the best first lens to capture creative portraits.)

Topics will include light, composition, seeing photo opportunities and discovering the things you really want to capture! - All things you can do without a fancy camera, with knowledge to improve your photos fast (as these are things you can do with your phone too!) Learn what’s out there for basic gear and what is affordable. Find out why you should learn to shoot in manual mode. The exposure triangle - shutter, aperture and ISO will be explained. Discover how to take candid photos to evoke memories and tell a story. Shooting practice and Q and A time are also included. You’ll have fun and learn, and most importantly, walk away with a better understanding in how to photograph more of those everyday memories for you and your family.

Chelsie Graham Photography

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