Step Forward

Family and Community Safety Program

Mobilizing community partners to address family violence.

Project Lead: Becky Viste
Phone: 403.854.2099 Ext. 221

Stats Canada 2011 states “Alberta has one of the highest reported rates of domestic violence of all provinces in Canada, yet only 28% of victims turn to police for help.” A Framework to End Family Violence in Alberta 2013 states that more than 74,000 Albertans reported physical or sexual abuse by a spouse in the last 5 years.

Based on initial connections to community agencies and service providers in Hanna and surrounding district, it was identified that there was a need to address family violence which includes child sexual abuse, and sexual violence especially in our younger population. Preliminary work under this project will include bringing together community agencies and service providers to establish a task force to identify and assess these issues.

As part of the project, 200 residents from Hanna and the surrounding communities, along with 15 agencies were randomly interviewed via phone; they were asked about knowledge of supports and services in the community and perceptions regarding family violence. All the data was compiled into a Needs Assessment Report by Schollie Research & Consulting Ltd. The report also provides insight on possible gaps, challenges, and issues that Hanna and surrounding areas face when dealing with family violence prevention. The entire Needs Assessment can be viewed at Hanna Step Forward Needs Assessment.

The task force developed an action plan to promote education and awareness of issues through the dissemination of information and resources to all sectors. The action plan also serves to promote and raise awareness of healthy relationships and respectful interpersonal relations.


Funded by Government of Alberta, Family and Community Safety Program.

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